Lokawisata Baturraden & Purbasari Pancuran Mas Purbalingga

Two weeks ago, our big family who having school holiday came Purwokerto, Central Java. At that time, we went to Lokawisata Baturraden and Purbasari Pancuran Mas Giant Aquarium Purbalingga for refreshing.

As my previous post, Lokawisata Baturraden was a natural conservation park for recreation which located in the foot of Mount Slamet, the second biggest volcano in Java Island. That place become famous for natural hot water shower contain natural sulfur which come from three natural shower sources called Pancuran Telu and come from seven natural shower sources called Pancuran Pitu. Those natural showers usually were used as therapy especially for skin diseases or other diseases like rheumatic and the gang. Beside of that, Lokawisata Baturraden also had many spot like fish therapy, swimming pool, children games arena, rocky river with small waterfall, etc. The new one which could be found was the the aircraft body which located beside of the entrance gate. That big aircraft body was still being reconstructed when we got there so we didn’t know that body aircraft would be used to. At that time, Lokawisata Baturraden was not so crowded compared to when we went there at the previous as that day was only the beginning of holiday event. Oya, even though there were many spot for refreshing, but at that time we only went to pancuran telu and fish therapy.

After that, than we went to the restaurant for having lunch which located near Lokawisata Baturraden. The restaurant had spot for fishing so we could have fishing and then asked the servant cooked the fish which we got. That place also had children zone arenas. At that restaurant, we ordered fish gurame asam manis, craps, steak, some seafood and also simple drink just tea and orange juice. We also ordered traditional Purwokerto food, Tempe Mendoan. Anyway we got lost our passion at that place as more than one hour we were waiting for the drink and also the food but we only got tempe mendoan without drinks. Many times we reminded the servant to serve us the drink first but still did not get what we want until we force to cancel out our order if we did not get the drink first. Hm…that was strange, wasn’t? I traveled many times around Indonesia and even some other countries and when we ordered foods and drinks at the restaurant, the drink usually came first or did not take long time to be served.

After from that restaurant, than we went to Purbalingga, another city near Purwokerto. Actually our main destinations at Purbalingga were Insect Park and Reptile Park near Owabong, the water boom park, but due to raining hard, we decided went into Giant Aquarium Purbasari Pancuran Mas instead of to Insect Park. Giant Aquarium Purbasari Pancuran Mas actually one of artificial recreation area which contains many zone areas like water boom zone, swimming pool zone, bird Park zone, and Aquarium zone. That place was known because of the giant aquarium which contains giant fish so the society around there called that place with simple word which was Akuarium Raksasa (Giant Aquarium). Due to lack of umbrella while the raining was falling heavier, we only could go to the Aquarium zone. In Aquarium Zone, there were several small aquariums which contain rare fish like Piranha and two big aquariums which contains other rare Amazon River fish for example the giant fish Arapaima Gigas. According to the information located in front of Giant Aquarium, Arapaima Gigas size could be grown up until 4 meters. Wow..

Actually we were eager exploring another zone, but we wait more than 30 minutes and the rain was not end, so we decided going back to Purwokerto again. Yeah may be next time…


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  1. Asha says:

    We welcome you, for the next visit to purbasari pancuran mas. For further information please contact our marketings ms ana or mr kadir 02816598666, thx for your visit.

    • andhy says:

      Hi Asha, thanks for your info. Just suggestion, please provide the umbrella so when raining is falling the visitor still able to visit the various zone.

  1. February 10, 2011

    […] link: Lokawisata Baturraden & Purbasari Pancuran Mas Purbalingga … This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged central, having-school, holiday-came, […]

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